Adsense original article allows conventional reprint, but opposed to embezzlement

published an article yesterday at A5:

experience and reflection of a station master in the process of doing a station

reference details:

was not the title of the article, published in the A5 editing process made changes, this is understandable, because I myself is also a webmaster, editors, we adhere to the website for everyone to provide useful information, I have opposed the simple copy, paste. Such websites end up as a dead end.

yesterday wrote some do stand two years of experience, (Shandong art college entrance examination network to edit the brother of love, on the home page, which for the first time published an article in the A5 I doubt inspired great things, although often used to study here, but not published, the first is to the home page, click on just a few hours to reach more than 300, is very pleased, because of their own labor to be recognized, everyone will be happy. read more

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Do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan grassroots feeling brother can see

recently played on Wangzhuan

to tell you the truth, I touched a little.

when I was in junior high school

made a little bit of

, too

but I feel it really tired..

so I didn’t do it at the time (because I was going to school and didn’t have the time..)

then built the website.

a few years have passed. The website has developed a lot. I have tasted a little bit of it, too..

, but recently one of the most promising stations has been turned off,.

can imagine


no income. I dragged his head and began to study the Wangzhuan. read more

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Experience of friendship link experience in website development

feeling can not find a link, or find friendship links, repeatedly rejected friends can refer to:

because a webmaster came to me today to make a friendship link, a conversation made me think for a long time. The master station is new, the site layout looks untidy, traffic rarely, PR was 0, he wanted to exchange home page text links with me, but I stand at present is also small, is also trying to improve the weight through a variety of ways, do not have the ability to take him, so he refused his request link however, the owners have been pursued, and even speak a pitiful words, I was in a dilemma. I want to say is: do webmaster, without such, do friends chain, also want to talk about skills and ways. read more

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Let Baidu at the fastest speed included new station

how to let Baidu fast included your pride (oh, put into your proud network station)? I to express their views. First of all, your site must be ready to fully content resources! Secondly, need to prepare is to apply for several blogs, for example: Sina blog (I love), NetEase, Sohu Baidu blog, blog, blog (the good)


then, we publish an article on the blog (preferably an original one) and add a link to our website in the article. Example: QQ space code. When you’re finished, go to another blog and note (don’t just go to a blog, leave messages many times, leave it only once, and go to a few blogs). Done, read more

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I’ve been working as a station master for 2 years

has been in stationmaster net diving, also saw a lot of cow webmaster articles, also saw some not so smooth webmaster experience, today I also must pull, talk about their experience of.


was fond of hacking related technology, has been the major site of concern related news hackers, hacker is out of love, I also want to set up their own hacking site, did not want to profit, is the first choice of name, because the domestic hackers have several more famous sites, such as " hacker animation " what, hack58 think a few minutes to register hack52 read more

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Commemorate blogs from 0 to 1500IP’s frustrating years

a website or blog from 0 to 1500IP, maybe someone only takes a day or a month, and I spent four years.

about four years ago, I registered this blog was fantasizing about domain name, through this blog to have a vision, to make a lot of money through this blog, served as CEO, marry Bai rich, go on the pinnacle of life. Holding this ideal, I started the website tossing and turning years.

in the beginning I made a life blog use it, in your mind through this blog to make money off it was Taobao, have the knowledge of SEO, do not know how to do the daily traffic, write some thing in life is of no importance, adhere to the first half of the year, traffic very few, so the thought of transformation. The blog into a pure Taobao off site, but also do not know how to arrange a time, no way, occasionally remembered the update, so the three days of fishing, two days of the net again after half a year, the space expired, found this blog didn’t give me a penny earned and I just gave up, but was reluctant to delete, and then transfer to a cheaper American space, where it. read more

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How to make good after-sales communication for marketing website

The so-called

customer service communication, refers to the guests after payment in the communication, mainly through telephone communication, Wangwang, letter and other ways, can also communicate via email, mobile phone SMS etc..

active after-sales communication, is to enhance customer shopping experience, enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty magic weapon. Cut off the cost of after-sales communication, it means cut off the old customers, cut off the seller’s sustainable growth sources of profits. When the buyer is not satisfied with the time to find us, communication becomes very passive, communication success is greatly reduced, even through communication to solve the evaluation problem, but the customer’s shopping experience is difficult to become better. read more

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A new attempt on the cohesive force of educational websites in winter vacation

has long seen a number of websites offering services such as online tutoring or training. I am a personal website, my 5 star composition is a kind of education, really strong sex. We only aim at primary and secondary school students’ compositions and provide a platform for communication and presentation for primary and middle school students.

on the Internet, I collected a little about the content of writing counseling. I can say that the collection of related content is many, many, almost a whole model — charging. Of course, no one is willing to give others work, and no one is willing to put their own method of writing unconditionally with others to share. read more

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Explore the personal navigation website profit model

Hello, today, and everyone to explore the personal navigation website survival, personal navigation site is really difficult to create miracles, the answer is wrong. In October I quit, I have wanted to do a personal navigation website, so today I have joined the ranks of the personal navigation station, with two months of wages to buy a digital 1196 navigation web site as the domain name of the website, ready to join navigation website ranks of market force.

is sometimes the target can arouse the driving force of our struggle, so today is graph king have excellent A5 station network, Ma Yuncai with today’s Taobao and Alibaba. Half of the success of the site navigation often cannot do without a good domain name, today the rain forest wind might feel 114la the complex domain name is not their loved ones, and then start the number 3456 heavily as a navigation domain, witnessed the navigation website cannot do without a good domain name. So there is no good domain name, it is recommended not to consider navigation site. read more

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K station, K station, 6.28 months later, how do we do the station in August, 22 also continue to K s

June 28, 2012, I believe this is the day many webmaster have forgotten, many webmaster after this day, once again come back to understand before. A large number of Web sites are K, leading to their hard to do the station completely because the resources can be said to be destroyed on one day, most of the owners live, so the K station not only destroyed most webmasters for many years of effort, it is the webmaster economic source as a giant impact. Then how do we do the station after 6.28 months? August 22 will continue at K station. Where’s the future of our SEO? Will we have a chance to survive after SEO? read more

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If I were Ali, I would have collected all the online ticketing websites

online ticketing website is absolutely tuyere business. So, Ali spent so much money in traditional business, but also slowly test and explore. Rather than focus on the online ticketing website two billion, the top five are bought to acquire it, this is the highest price, then you are in the hands of the film market.

the future of the entertainment industry will be a big three BAT pattern as the center, the three systems of the whole industry chain layout, each system will have a video website, a film company, a ticketing website, even the future may also be a cable under the cinema. read more

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Forum, a place where I failed

long ago I started to do the forum, but I didn’t start the operation of the idea so good, also encountered many problems, but in the end I gave up, probably a lot of people say I have no perseverance, I really really hard, but not enough to


started as a forum when the application is in a free space, the space needed when applying for the administrator audit can be passed, but remember it need to wait 24 hours before, so I sent a silly waiting administrator of the mail, but in the end did not seem to mail to the helpless the administrator of the QQ and he chatted up, then finally have a free space for yourself to do the first forum, after that time my heart is really very happy! He spent about more than 10 hours to this forum to succeed! Now if the site if I have no experience do. In the end, it seems that the free space has gone bankrupt, and I haven’t done it. Later, I have created several forums, but they are not well managed, I also summed up a bit of experience, read more

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Expose some cheats cheat friends chain method

short. Today encountered personal, plus my QQ friends claimed to change friends chain, and showed me his station, a total of 3. (not here, so as not to advertise him.)


column, such as his station, is AAA.COM. I looked at it. PR was 4. I thought that my station was PR3, so I promised to exchange it with him. And what he said is the inside page swap, I think so. All changed, I was not sure, so I went to see his inner friend chain, a look, the whole page is friends chain..

key: this time I noticed his inner page link address, such as his main station is AAA.COM, and the inside page is, I think wrong, this is not the same station… Check again, PR=0! read more

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Last night, the west wind withered the trees, and Baidu K many stations

15 evening, 16 am. An ordinary day, neither 13, 26 of the big update date, nor the regular update date every Thursday. However, in this ordinary night. Baidu dry, so many webmaster surprised things. According to incomplete statistics, Baidu made an update last night. This update does not involve normal stations. Baidu usual snapshot is not normal, search database is paying attention to some of the sites have been updated and adjusted. According to the author before writing, found basic is the bad news. Most websites have been K some pages, my site has always been normal, last night by K nearly 3000 pages. Other web sites are basically K pages. In fact, this is not worth mentioning, it is worth noting that Baidu last night on some stations too big, the intensity of the fierce, so many from the station unprepared. Lead the way in Chinese, I love reading and other websites have been plucked out. read more

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How do I earn money on the website of the novel

heard that his cousin made a small fortune on his novel website and began to not believe it. When the festival was over this year, everyone gathered, and the first thing was to cross examine his cousin’s website. As a result, as expected, over the past two years, the junior high school culture of the small cousin by several students training each other, they have to come up with a novel website – King Wang bookstore. Some students rely on diligent management, to send the chain, actually in half the time, traffic reached tens of thousands, which makes me the students are jealous. Through a few days of Spring Festival raids, close study, I decided to have a novel website myself, clone my cousin’s success model. read more

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Network promotion of Baidu encyclopedia promotion experience

needless to say, do Baidu promotion of Baidu know, given the weight quite high for their products Baidu know, Baidu Post Bar, Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu encyclopedia long ago that the promotion is a good promotion methods, but has not been attempted. Recently, in a decoration company to do network promotion, contact with the encyclopedia promotion, some of the following experience to share with you, and hope that we can give you a lot of advice!


1, have to understand the encyclopedia, encyclopedia is to create the entry of the place, is the word. read more

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What patterns of growth do Uber and Facebook use to achieve growth

tiger sniffing note: if you want to make your product grow exponentially in the short term, you may need to set up a development team to help you achieve that goal. Well, how do you choose the best development model for your team? The author, through interviews with 20 development executives from different companies, introduces two different development models. This article comes from Medium, the original title entitled "How Do You Choose the Best Growth Team Model", tiger sniffing translation. read more

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The founder of the IT laboratory in Inner Mongolia and 1st anniversary to the new version of the lin

in the past, had contained a year and played a hand in hand, singing all the way; then cross spectrum brilliant Quartet for thousands of years. On the occasion of the Inner Mongolia IT laboratory and 1st Anniversary version of the line on the occasion, on behalf of the Inner Mongolia IT laboratory staff, sincerely wish Inner Mongolia IT laboratory, support and help the industry colleagues to extend cordial greetings!

Since the establishment of

IT lab in Inner Mongolia, it has been concerned and supported by IT industry both at home and abroad. Today is her birthday, gone through a full 365 day and night, is the accumulation of a little strength, as a toddler, the road ahead is long, but she believes that there is victory may persist, and give up some means failure. And we’ve been working hard, read more

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The website how to stick to the customer

website viscosity is directly related to the development and webmaster website income, how to produce higher user appeal is every webmaster every day thinking about the problem, here is my opinion in the website of viscosity increase.


website to play a decisive role, everyone is holding a certain purpose to browse the web, I hope in the shortest time to get what they want, so users of professional requirements is relatively high. this is my site, located in Beijing construction site, mainly to provide website construction service portfolio, information website color is a very important position in the market, as a professional website, the user is respected and forget the website,. read more

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Site 13 days, Baidu all included keywords are ranked first page

own profile, early this year, investment in the purchase of servers, double line hosting, site countless (garbage station), traffic is very little. Pay attention to Admin5, find opportunities, site for 13 days, Baidu all included, ranking all by the front.

and the vast majority of webmaster, I also love hate intersection Baidu. But once a chance, I grasped, and then use this opportunity to build a small station, Baidu was recognized, traffic gradually impressive, out of share, with the public fun. read more

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