The new station how to get good rankings in search engines

. URL is a name, the URL of the site’s ranking has a significant role, such as the Shanghai baidu贵族宝贝 love so recently Larry domain is fire. A good domain name can reduce the memory cost of users, and can get some ranking in the search engine, in the choice of domain name suggests the direct purchase of rice farming domain, advantage is: registered for a long time, good domain name easy to remember, a certain weight suffix of the domain name is not affected.

The new

as a site in the design of products, is nothing more than to have more people to use, show business value. In the website operation within a word to describe the very place, "a web site no traffic, no popularity, no transactions" search engine entrance flow into a lot of electricity providers are a hotly contested spot. The fight is operation ability. read more

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The use of love Shanghai products chain whether you have to think clearly

Figure two Figure I think a lot of

: love Shanghai products chain more time

I want to do a lot of the chain in Shanghai love on the platform have such feelings, the higher the level of the account, more likely to leave a link. Love Shanghai for the chain of audit is very high, if your level is higher the more easy to obtain love Shanghai platform trust, can more easily send outside the chain, if you are a just registered account, I want you to easily publish links you still need some time to grade upgrade. But for high level account, you link frequency is not too much, as I love Shanghai know the chain, released in three links will need to answer a few other questions about not related, so as to reduce the probability of account is K. And these need you other than the construction of the chain form spend more time. read more

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Do you think the construction of the chain to the 3 and unexpected way

, a viral way

just contact for Shanghai dragon people, I think quite familiar with this type of figure above. These are the Shanghai dragon chain to collect resources, for just contact Shanghai Longfeng chain of chain, perhaps a beginning would never do it, but as time goes on, you will be more and more tired, began to consider the black hat means, begin to use software to replace manual. This is true, I was such a step. Just go to the end, I returned to the manual, change ideas, not to quantify the chain for the purpose. read more

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A series of website optimization Taiyuan move network diagnosis

home page to enter, the top is a moving company advertising, so many ads, this is one of the important factors in influence.

recently many large websites are layoffs or failures, such as network group purchase, or the recent rumors of ganji贵族宝贝! They are all types of integrated electricity supplier, and today Zhu Weikun bring everyone to see is the vertical electric business – Taiyuan move nets, the webmaster, we are all roots, so don’t put too much eye, a a subdivision of the product, you do a good job, also can make money, such as the moving network, make a good, believe it or not! Well, into the theme of today, analyses the main problems of the website: read more

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How to use the love of Shanghai SkyDrive chain

we can prepare some content for SkyDrive promotion, text or video can be directly displayed, and for compressed files or other formats are not directly display. Especially the text can be viewed directly, so we must pay attention to several concerns: for example, in the content cleverly integrated into their own advertising links, content, don’t get a lot of fudge users directly show wide of the mark cannot be used content format.

second, rather than the multi platform and multi content not a multi pass. read more

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How to promote the new website weight chain do

for a new station, all aspects of the site are suck, not for high weight website links, then we can choose to buy some single site, buy what kind of links for more effectively enhance weight of a website? We’d better buy the high quality website related to the industry chain do there is, we can buy some public welfare government is search engine to give the weights of the high site chain, which is of great help to our website weight lifting, site weight is high enough, you can slowly put these money to buy links removed. read more

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Analysis of the competition website Trio

as shown in Figure 1-1, the domain name registration time is 2010, is a new domain in the domain name, then this piece of the site is not accounted for what advantage. Because some of the site’s domain name is the old domain name, the domain name itself the ranking is very good, we want to go beyond a railway station, he would need to spend a lot of time and experience, but not necessarily our efforts ranking can be more than him. So we need to have a basic understanding of the domain name registration and business. As we march to war, we must understand each other. Only a good start, chances are successful. read more

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How do the love Shanghai encyclopedia high pass rate

find you want to edit entries, text information, text information where? Certainly not all want to rely on their own, since there is a certain amount of search, then we search, find relevant information and order change, adjust the directory, fill out the classification on it.

(1) at

) *^__^*).


how to do "love Shanghai." high pass rate before he wrote here! I hope useful for everyone. In this paper, by the Chongqing delicacy 贵族宝贝yukuai贵族宝贝 original starting from the A5, please keep the. (editor. A hyperlink ( read more

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Discussion on how to do grassroots webmaster external links

to just entering Shanghai dragon industry novice, the most difficult thing is how to do external links, effectively the chain in the shortest possible time? Today I will combine their experience often do the chain that do some tricks of the chain, I hope to help all the many newcomers, inadequacies also hope the old webmaster.


, a soft link

soft for improving the site keyword ranking is very good, it can increase the weight of the website, the website included to accelerate the speed and improve writing skills to the webmaster. In order to avoid the Forum web site to be the title, the risk to blog article not be included. In addition, if you have the technical content, the level is relatively high, there will be a large number of reprint. read more

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Common tips for improving shlf1314 Adsense eCPMInside the webmaster Wangzhuan money doorways

1. recommends boot money

compared with many other stationmaster income is zero, after all Wangzhuan Adsense or more happy, and our site is introduced to make money, even if the flow is few, those who rely on their own to do Wangzhuan make sanwubo January or easily.

Wangzhuan, but a large part of income is Wangzhuan composition, most websites have recommended awards, from 0.1 yuan to 2 yuan, the higher the site every day, do not know how many people joined the ranks of Wangzhuan, they registered in the website at the same time, also brought us income relatively speaking, the most easily the most simple read more

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Effect of lethal factor Meta tags and keywords ranking keyword density

keyword density refers to the number of keywords in the page appears in the percentage of the total pages of text, if there are many hidden or keywords thick lines in a page, the search engine will be that your site is a garbage station. Keyword density is the best percentage range of 15% – 20%.

is the page and page text using the program.


basically is to serve as the title of the page. When the user search keywords, the search engine will according to the Meta tags in the content page should retrieve the site first appears in the search results page, the title of the content of element materials shall include the most important is to make you want to push the key. Every word, should not exceed 2 times the total number of words to be included, not more than 13 words. As shown in figure read more

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[100] the quiz website optimization reproduced Shanghai dragon must know

Shanghai Longfeng wood

from this thing we saw what

so the content construction is that we cannot ignore, don’t hold on to some optimization techniques in Shanghai Longfeng Gaoming, written a soft Wen, can also get a lot of traffic, improve click, promote website ranking, and the promotion of soft low cost, long cycle, ‘>

recently wrote a [Shanghai dragon 100 must know the website optimization question] series, a total of 10. In writing (four), Shanghai Longfeng wood accidentally found that the blog day visitors reached more than 800, and then check the access to statistics, results of these days are very high flow. read more

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After the site title do end can quickly restore the weight and ranking

is the chain construction, now the forum signature has not work, but many people still did not give up, the other is that we can be a blog, you can search keywords, the first few pages will generally appear blog, Sina and NetEase and there are good, but the new blog included estimates will be very slow, ranking is not good, in addition to remind you not to do blog sprocket, great risk.

3, Shanghai is the love of their products, but I recently in the study of love from Shanghai, there is a long time did not pay attention to, like Shanghai now want to take the connection basically impossible, it can also love Shanghai library before adding a link in the header or footer and in this paper, now work, artificial audit is very large, recently passed the 200 library, passed the more than 30 articles, but also are not only the brand name of the band. Shanghai love experience and we can do the encyclopedia, the two I still feel very simple, we do not think it should be non Wikipedia account level is high, in fact as long as your reference links among relevant content on the line, very simple also, despite being added nofollow label, but also not effect of spider crawling and drainage. read more

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How do we face the new algorithm in 2013 Shanghai Longfeng marketing

two, a large number of high quality content, search engine to customers in order to establish the company’s trust in their hearts.

analysis of the chain structure of the junction site, we will find the chain which mainly has the following problems:

SearchMetrics is a statistical monitoring data of them within 24 hours, a list of 25 most affected sites:


for example if you want to improve your web traffic, and do not want to spend money to do the promotion in the search engine, and want to find a Shanghai dragon in the online search engine optimization company. If a company provides a large number of Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng technology content, offers his services case, while others only provide contact information, the manager of the company at home, about us, and so on. As the demand for which one do you believe in read more

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How do the leaves of Shanghai dragon new blog seconds

, the choice of the blog and registered

first, you pay attention to the quality of the content of the blog again? You content with your blog theme related? Then you let search engines know your blog? These three questions are not to consider too many friends.

is the second we should set a theme to a blog, and this topic should have a certain correlation with your website. So when we do the content should be launched around this theme, which is more conducive to your blog included and weight.

preferred blog content, in this era of information explosion, search engines are required for all indexed pages. So we can’t in our blog into too many "junk", if you do a blog is a web site you are doing, then the effect is very obvious. The content of blog should try to select some high quality content and are not included in the search engine’s content, then the contents come from? Is the first of the pseudo original deep processing. The second is the purity of the original article, so that a search engine for these content is very popular. read more

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A love Shanghai, destroyer of 360 and the battle of the future Sogou small fresh

A love of Shanghai

fact seems to imply that constantly search market or a winner, or see others to eat, the second youngest U.S. search market, Bing and YAHOO, Google has meat for many years, has become a habit and swallowed water action, that deep pocketed Microsoft to launch anti Google site produced a fine, like a young wife has not generally broken broken out of Google, but not too many ways to capture a greater share of.

originally, stock price decline is not what love, if Shanghai could only get a portion of the profits to develop profitable business, the market return is also very fast. Just love Shanghai in the strategic market expectations and some misfits. Such as love in Shanghai last year is not optimistic about cloud computing, the life of local services and mobile Internet. read more

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2013 foreign trade website of Shanghai Longfeng strategy need what changes

do foreign trade website optimization always cannot do without mass software, most of the domestic chain mass software, the effect is not very good, but there are a lot of foreign mature mass software, like SB and XR are sending weapon, but the mass software again good also have the same drawbacks, is that too many outside chain resources quality this link is low, more certainly cause problems. Light is the site right down, while the site was K, recently I found a website ranking really hard to do, of course is not only the mass of the chain, so is the manual construction of the link, should not simply the pursuit of quantity, because the requirement of the Commissioner of the chain every day issued 500 chain spam links, the not every day to do several high quality links, or go for a few Links. Because of the time and energy, for the chain, both quantity and quality can only choose one. Both the requirements of quality and quantity requirements, this is clearly not practical. read more

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Exchange website promotion platform using a chain

believes that see where we should be clear that this method, to see such a good website can exchange Links, the QQ validation site is sure to go. But a look into the future is just a kind of Web site navigation, it is not only links cooperation, and said that the Ministry of health website cooperation.

If you are

this website to exchange Links, if can exchange, it is certainly a very good website, then according to the go9go QQ to add each other’s left, QQ is required to verify the validation information is: "link to the XXX贵族宝贝 website to add cooperation". read more

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Fat man do marketing in the station optimization is the best way to Shanghai Dragon

peach flower in April, hold the branches, apparently in a dominant position in April peach station. While in contact with the Shanghai dragon this year, from the previous content is king, the chain for the emperor under the concept of change to do marketing in the station optimization way is Shanghai dragon.

if you do a lot of related website links and high quality of the chain, if not a good base station in vain, not very OK client in the light of what products to buy your products or services. But if the station do is very solid, with the first customer, the customer will introduce N many people come in, which is now the most cattle marketing, word of mouth, let the customer directly into your sales staff, is any company would like to have a way of thinking but not impossible. But our network people do, the fact is that this method is feasible is the way to have. Through the study and observation of the recent marketing station optimization method is very fast and easy to achieve this purpose. read more

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Accurate budget cycle and improve the site keywords difficulty Shanghai Longfeng order benefits

search heat have many similarities and love Shanghai index, but in essence there are still fundamental differences. The search for web search to understand the heat seems to be more simple and clear point, the number of pages that is keyword search results, this is our Shanghai dragon Er used a method to judge the keyword difficulty, but only through the sometimes difficult to distinguish from one side of the story is too one-sided, and it is likely there will be judgment errors caused by the consequences of tragedy. Usually the basic keyword search results within 200W is a simple word can be easily optimized, web search results appear in the key words about 500W belong to medium heat competition, the keywords around 800W belongs to the popular keywords difficult optimization, more than 1000W words is basically keywords high difficulty read more

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