Do you know how to run a hot pot restaurant

is our traditional Hot pot China delicacy, today is very popular in the catering industry, has its own position, Hot pot now in the catering market, loved by a lot of people, but also has high popularity. For many people, are very much like to open a hot pot shop. But want to open a profitable hot pot shop, still need a lot of skills management methods. Today, we’ll take a look at how to open a profitable hot pot shop.

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5 point to successful entrepreneurship

start to early grasp business opportunity is very important, the market is constantly norms, the overall profit level of the industry is declining, want to easily get rich overnight, is not realistic. Seize the opportunity, the success of entrepreneurship is the best choice.

1, to make money to fund budget.

2, set aside reserve funds. read more

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General general requirements to join the hot pot

hot pot restaurant seems to have become a trend in the form of catering, investors scrambling to choose the project, to join the venture to make money. Hot pot joined the brand general Chinese hot pot to join the project? Join need to have what condition? The Palestinian general Hot pot is a leader in the industry, Hot pot of good taste, many repeat customers, the Palestinian general Hot pot stores operation core is to set up a best Hot pot shop in the shortest time with a minimum of money, let you get an unexpected harvest. How about joining general beer? General is definitely a good investment projects, the next small series will introduce you to this project. read more

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Govany ice crystals to join the headquarters to join

Home Furnishing decoration product variety, if you want to do some business more special products, editorial recommendation of your investment Govany ice painting project, technical strength lets a person, product is very suitable for modern Home Furnishing decoration process, if you want to know more about it and see it!

with the development of the real estate industry, to seize this opportunity to develop, and the most rapid development is the decoration industry. Of course, for the decoration industry, the pace of development of some household goods is unstoppable. read more

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The seven woman to join Chuanchuan Xiang has what kind of flow

seven string of incense? Good business opportunities in the market, no worries. If you join the seven string of incense project, is also a very exciting. So, it is necessary to pay attention to, to join the seven string of strings with what kind of process? Let’s take a look at it:

1, through the and telephone to understand the project information.

2, up to seven Po string incense headquarters visits, visit stores, confirm the project.

3, seven string of incense to join the headquarters of the store to assess the investigation. read more

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Female college students Chen Fengjuan sell flour easy to earn a million

not only to sell flour to make money, but also to make millions of wealth, at the same time, is still run by a female college student, whether such a venture so many investors marvel. Here, let Xiaobian take you to know the protagonist Chen Fengjuan entrepreneurial case.

"Auntie, I’ll help you move up." With that, Chen Fengjuan easily carried a bag of flour onto the customer’s car. 9 pm, Chen Fengjuan is a person in his own food store to see the store, the store is located in the square of 200 square meters, with thousands of bags of flour. Chen Fengjuan flour wholesale business, mainly sold to the city’s grain stores, schools, canteens and other places in nearby to buy flour customers, Chen Fengjuan is still willing to sell at wholesale price, and thoughtful service, in the face of frail customers, Chen Fengjuan also to help them to put the flour into the car. read more

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Car beauty chain must pay attention to

Must pay attention to

car beauty chain, which need to pay attention to what is really a lot, they accidentally fall not to know the depth of things so inextricably bogged down in, step by step.

model shop visits to join headquarters

many car beauty franchise headquarters of the model shop, is very impressive, it is necessary to do the project speculation. Model shop, is to look for investors, especially the layman investors. Model shop, profit is not the purpose, as long as the liquidation can be. Of course, it can make a profit. The key to the model store image design and marketing. To do these two points, is not difficult. read more

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Anhui college students’ entrepreneurship oxherd

he is the cowherd, is also a college student from Huaiyuan, Liu He did not choose to work in a big city after graduation, but returned to the hometown, carry out the cattle breeding industry, driven by the village to get rich.

the slack season, the ancient town of deer Village of Anhui County of Huaiyuan province "cowherd" Liu He was still busy. 29 year old Liu He in 2009 after graduating from the Huainan Normal University, majoring in chemistry, returned to his hometown of beef cattle farms, breeding, breeding, prevention, marketing and other aspects of learning from scratch. Today, Liu He’s cattle farm has begun to take shape, the growing maturity of feeding technology so that he has confidence to expand the scale of farming. read more

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The age for college students entrepreneurship pill Takoyaki

is now the entrepreneurship of college students in our university for example beyond count, every night when you can see many students stalls out, even some schools will these students entrepreneurship focus groups to quickly form a college business street. Students start on the small side, how to join Zhejiang pill pill era era? Small octopus has been widely recognized and affirmed by the community, consumers have been unanimously praised and highly recognized, has been widely reported by domestic media and . The present age pill octopus balls is different from a product, a brand, it represents a kind of culture. Based on the quality and culture of the times, the service and innovation. read more

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Pastry ten brands list – the whole

in all kinds of snack products in China, the cake has always been a very high popularity, coupled with the increase in demand for this, so that our country is more and more brand pastry. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of pastry list, so that consumers in this area needs to choose the right big brand.

ten cakes brand rankings, hollyland:


Beijing Holiland enterprise Cci Capital Ltd has been to the industry leader in the rapid development of the attitude, has won the focus on brand protection; the first Chinese Consumer Association awarded 3· 15 mark of the enterprise, through the ISO9000:2000, HACCP food safety system certification, and was listed as the only a moon cake production process tracking the food industry enterprise national food quality supervision the inspection center, and approved as stated in the product packaging: "products to ensure national food quality supervision and inspection center". read more

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How to do promotions shop a rapid increase in popularity and profits – Business

said that although the promotion is indeed a store can enhance the popularity and profit in the short term, however, some of the effects are not obvious, even in a short period of time will store has been in a state of loss, which requires managers to master the correct way to promotion. So, how to promote the rapid increase in popularity and profits through the sale?

1, Guajiang /

/ lottery lottery

this form is generally used to purchase a certain amount of free lottery or lottery or scratch, usually by the merchant to set up 4 or 5 grade awards, can draw the scene or draw together at a time centralized way. The key to the success of the event is the first prize or the first prize set to be attractive. The advantage of doing so is to increase the customer’s shopping pleasure, to meet the customer’s "broad" desire. read more

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What are the tricks to store fire

winterarrive, droughts, fire prevention work is not good, very easy to fire. So, if you want to successy operate a retail store, also need to invest more in the above fire. In July 20, 2011, Zhejiang Province, Ruian city fire accident Xincheng town Nanyang Industrial Zone retail operators in the Zhang family, the business shop together with all his possessions were suddenly burned into ashes, suffered heavy losses. The reason is that the factory behind the shop fire implicated.

the fire while not Zhang’s own negligence, but to the retail merchants engaged in cigarette business sounded the alarm, how to do the fire prevention measures, ensure workplace safety management, has become the majority of retailers pondering. This period we and we explore the shop fire problem, and we will come out to share the coup. read more

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Bags of franchise business note

luggage is a lot of consumer attention products, travel outside the essential goods of high quality bags can make consumers more trust, our luggage marketing model is still in development stage, the circulation of commodities is still rapidly, the traditional business model, to join the bags in the traditional marketing model innovation, attract more to join join and support business, then joined the bags need to pay attention to what the problem?

A, luggage store to look for the product quality, because the future competition is the competition of product quality. Many foreign brands in large shopping malls set up counter sales, the price is expensive, so that a lot of people who love to flinch. And some small workshops imitation of the stall goods, low prices, quality, quality can not be guaranteed. read more

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The shop business process but also to develop a good habit of whole

even if the shop, there are a lot of habits we need to form, in short, to develop a good habit for our long-term development of the store is very favorable. A few days ago, a customer came to the store to buy a pack of 13 yuan of cigarettes, I will find the change of $87 to the other side, and then finishing the cashier’s entire money, found that only one piece of the whole money of 50 yuan, how can not see the $100.

I realized he had mistaken the customer gave me 50 yuan for 100 yuan change to the people. I quickly ran out of the shop, fortunately, the customer has not gone far, holding a cell phone in his hand. I tried to catch up: "the eldest brother, really feel shy, just put money wrong, you give me 50 yuan, 100 yuan for my change……" The customer put down the phone: "I did not pay attention to it, busy on the phone, do not see how much you find me." Said, the customer took out just now I find his change back to me. read more

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Shop three treasure a less

shop is not a simple enough to have the goods, often need some small tools, only these complete, will have a greater help to the business. Preliminary friends shop, regardless of your store size, in the author’s view, at least three pieces of treasure shop, mirror, clocks and convenience you must complete enough good stool.

mirror will increase the brightness to your shop, and a broad sense and attractive, people could not help but want to come can at least look at your own appearance is neat, beautiful enough, all the people to appreciate that he is never bored of the move, the mirror installation, may bring some unexpected business opportunities and profit to you. read more

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Cake shop to make money four strokes

this morning on the bus saw the cake and cake chocolate cake shop two brands, did not withstand the temptation which looked towards. Delicious cake food, the temptation to resist? Now, the domestic market in the cake shop, can be said to be everywhere you can see! But, very few can produce their own brand creative cake cake shop! Investment to join the brand, with support for headquarters to let you earn a smile and go! Of course, for the first time the patisserie friends, to face the thus, many obstacles of entrepreneurship, open cake shop business skill has become the focus of attention of many operators, here are 4 tips Shenyang cake shop to make money read more

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