Today, Xining for three consecutive days of rain

In August 28th, the author learned from the Xining Municipal Meteorological Observatory, affected by the cold air from the north edge of the subtropical high and the southwest warm and humid air, August 29th – 31, Xining city will have an obvious precipitation process. Among them, 29 to the night of the 30 day will have moderate rain, the night of the 30 to the 31 day light rain.

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Since July, Xining City Road intersection surveillance camera equipment running

from July 1st onwards, the public security traffic management departments will use the road monitoring camera equipment installed to carry out data acquisition, information dissemination and other work, and the illegal traffic personnel punishment, effectively control illegal traffic.

according to the traffic police detachment responsible person, currently in the urban area has set up road monitoring camera equipment 117, a traffic adaptive signal machine is arranged in the 19 intersection, the intersection of 23 sets of traffic signal network machine 23, 5 intersection set by LED display, 31 intersection with electronic police, can be implemented effectively capture of vehicle signal, aggressive lane and other illegal activities. Set in the intersection, some sections of the monitoring equipment, can be collected, admission and static traffic and dynamic road activities, the manual way, in a certain range of free parking, free U-turn, reverse driving, riding the center line of driving, driving without a seat belt, driving the car, mobile phone and telephone answering call according to the provisions of turning, violation of traffic signs and markings and other traffic violations in the implementation of video capture and query of the fake brand, vehicle deck online, at any time to master the robbery suspect vehicle accident, and vehicle dynamic escape. (author: Zhang Chunyun) read more

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Xining traffic bureau aided Yushu village road hardening project will be put into operation

In September 5th, the reporter learned from Xining City Department of transportation, the end of October, Xining city traffic bureau aided Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture zadoi County, Hu Teng Zhen Nao, the plexus and Jager, Sha Qingsi village, a total of 16 kilometers of the village road hardening project will be fully put into use. Currently, the four villages completed a total of 10.520 kilometers of road paving, concrete pavement pouring of 4.766 km, gravel pavement laying of 5.554 km, the completion rate was 65.7%, 56.4% and 73.5%. read more

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Two lines in a precise identification of the work completed

at the end of last year, across the province, according to provincial unified arrangements, increase the intensity of work, the first in the country in accordance with the subsistence allowances and poverty alleviation standard "two lines one" to carry out a new round of poverty identification precision. As of now, the province has completed the work comprehensively, 42 poor counties (city, District Committee, 520 thousand, 1622) poverty participatory poverty village, was included in the "two in one" out of poverty alleviation action plan guaranteeing. read more

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Qinghai province to carry out the leading cadres of natural resource assets outgoing audit pilot

in order to urge leading cadres to conscientiously carry out the protection of natural resources management responsibility, and promote the protection of the ecological environment, the day before, Qinghai province to study and formulate the "development of leading cadres leaving natural resource assets audit pilot program".

pilot work in all levels of Party committees and government leading cadres as the audit object, according to the positioning of the main functional areas and natural resources endowment characteristics, took the lead in the distribution of natural resources in two areas of extensive sea east city and the Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture to carry out, to strengthen the focus on water, land, minerals, forests and grassland natural resources and ecological environment protection of important matters of responsibility audit, through the audit aims to find out the typical problems existing in the field of resource and environment of major violations of discipline violations, serious damage to natural resources and serious damage to the ecological environment, and the influence of natural resources and ecological environment security risks exist. Through the audit of the audit evaluation and the corresponding responsibility of leading cadres to strengthen the definition of the responsibility of leading cadres in office consciousness play, and urge them to conscientiously fulfill the management of natural resources and ecological environmental protection obligations, shoutuyouze, Shoutu responsibility. read more

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Sales of home appliances to the countryside

This year, with the implementation of the province’s home appliances to the countryside, the implementation of the new policy, the city’s home appliances to the countryside product sales are very active, the payment of subsidies to work steadily, good posture

this year, with the implementation of the province’s "home appliances to the countryside," the implementation of the new policy, the city’s home appliances to the countryside product sales are very active, the payment of subsidies to work steadily, good posture. From February 2009 to the end of May 2011, the city’s total sales of home appliances 98428 sets (pieces), accounting for 38.7% of the province; the sales amount of 237 million 844 thousand yuan, accounting for 44% of the province; have subsidies 23 million 13 thousand yuan, accounting for 42.3% of the province. This year 1 – May, sales of home appliances to the countryside, the product of the 29618 units (pieces), an increase of 63.6%, the amount of sales of $77 million 922 thousand, an increase of 91.5%; has issued a subsidy fund of $8 million 525 thousand, an increase of 140.4%. read more

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Xining issued fine management guide

today, Xining is not only the pursuit of large building, but also to highlight the new concept of urban fine management. The day before, Xining Municipal Research Department issued a timely editing "carry out meticulous management of the city to create beautiful Xining" one book, expect to continue to further promote the fine management play a good theoretical guidance and reference for the practice of our city.

"carry out meticulous management of the city to create beautiful Xining" is the city center in the profound study and understand the municipal government major decisions and arrangements based on the compilation of the book carefully selected, the relevant important conference speeches, policy documents, research and practice of typical cases. read more

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Sri Lanka and Xining tourism will hand

During the city fair, Sri Lanka Sri Lanka social and cultural cooperation association with six Sri Lanka local travel agencies, hotels and other enterprises to participate in Xining. September 17th, Sri Lanka enterprises and Xining tourism enterprises face to face talks, a total of Sri Lanka and Xining to promote bilateral tourism cooperation.

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Xining this year, 14050 new affordable housing

Nowadays, although already the beginning of winter, but I Nanchuan City Industrial Park waterfront town of public rental housing and public rental housing construction area of Liyuan centralized project, still in the non-stop to step up construction, and strive to the end or before the Spring Festival so that more housing tenants in the low-income housing. Up to now, the city identified 14050 sets of affordable housing in 2012 has started construction of new tasks.

it is reported that in accordance with the objectives and tasks and post adjustment at the beginning of the province issued to our city, this year for the industrial park of 1668 units of public rental, three county low-income housing task 2878 sets, four district public rental building 530 units etc.. To the end of the year, the city will achieve a total of 14000 sets of completion, the purpose of holding a set of 9100 tasks.  
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Xining 6 consecutive months of air quality excellent rate of 100%

recently, Beijing, Shanghai and other places haze shrouded, but Xining is the blue sky and white clouds. 2012, Xining air quality excellent days for 315 days, air quality excellent rate of up to 86%. Among them, from May 2012 to October, Xining 6 consecutive months of air quality excellent rate of 100%.

Xining City, the existing national monitoring network of air quality monitoring site 4, from the beginning of January 1, 2013, as long as people log on "Xining City air quality real-time release system." or "National City air quality real-time publishing platform, you can view to Xining city under the jurisdiction of the 4 national air monitoring sub station in real time and in the last 24 hours and the monitoring data of 6 monitoring items and the corresponding air quality index. read more

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Wang Yubo pointed out that in the work of foreign investment and the 2012 meeting of the meeting wil

September 29th, the municipal government held a work cum 2012 Xining urban development investment fair summary. Deputy secretary and mayor Wang Yubo at the meeting stressed that the city should take this itefcewc success as an opportunity to establish a firm investment is to promote the development of the concept of the cohesion force, encouraging the development of Chi, the inexhaustible power will do the spirit into the first development, to effectively support the outcome of the meeting into a wealthy and strong city. read more

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Xining housekeeping service network system construction progress smoothly

Since this year, as a pilot city of the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of finance to determine the promotion of domestic service network system construction work, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce to actively carry out the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, domestic service chain, the scale of the construction engineering and housekeeping service training as the key to domestic service network centric domestic service network system construction work

this year, as a pilot city of the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of finance to determine the promotion of domestic service network system construction work, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce to actively carry out the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, domestic service chain, the scale of the construction engineering and housekeeping service training focus to domestic service network centric domestic service network system construction work. Up to now, the city’s domestic service network system construction work smoothly. read more

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Xining food and drug administration to carry out the thirty-first Jian Wei Day promotional activitie

May 26th, the city’s thirty-first "Jian Wei day" focus on publicity activities in the city center square

5 26, the city’s thirty-first "Jian Wei day" focus on publicity activities in the city center square.

Xining Municipal Food and Drug Administration on "strengthening food safety awareness, improve the national health literacy" theme, combined with the summer tourism and catering food safety supervision work, making the summer food consumption exhibited warning, prevention of food poisoning in the common sense, food additive standard and the city’s farmhouse, tea, tourism catering the food safety rectification content 8, on-site to answer the tourists and the public widespread concern, the city’s food safety demonstration units, demonstration street, in order to guide customers safe consumption, consumer confidence, and create a social atmosphere of catering service food safety. Publicity process, hanging banners 1, issued by the food safety law and other types of information, more than 150 copies, the scene to answer the masses consulted nearly 90 passengers. read more

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Provincial Party committee to promote the deployment of municipal Party Committee inspection work

7 14, the provincial Party committee held a State Council to promote the work of the inspection tour. Provincial Party committee, commission for Discipline Inspection, the provincial inspection team leader Dorje Geltan speech. Provincial Standing Committee, organization minister, deputy head of the provincial inspection team leader Hu Changsheng presided over.

Dorje Geltan pointed out, carry out inspections of provincial, city and county Party committee compaction managing party responsibility, promote the comprehensive strictly major decisions extends to the grassroots, to improve our province patrol patrol supervision system, promote the formation of patrol Patrol has very important significance to observe the integration pattern. read more

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With the help of merchants association

this year, the Provincial Federation of industry and Commerce from mid March, the province at all levels of government investment projects and the Provincial Department of Finance issued the implementation of our province in 2016 the first batch of PPP and BOT mode project through the network, field visits and so on various provinces and cities in China Federation of industry and commerce organization, chamber of Commerce, in different member enterprises to promote green. Through business investment, the Provincial Federation of industry and Commerce has implemented a number of projects involving pension, tourism, photovoltaic, education and so on. read more

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Cohesion of the new Qinghai construction of a powerful force

1 16 afternoon, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng attended the five meeting of the eleven session of the CPPCC plenary meeting, and from the cultural art, sports, news publishing, science and technology, agriculture, a member of the education sector to discuss.

joint meeting, Chen Gang, Tang Daocheng, Ma Weidong, Wang Hai, Li Xiao, Ma Chengjun, Jiao Huanyu, Ma Yubao, Yin Haijie and other members on the government work report, combined with the economic and social development in Qinghai and their areas of concern to speak, and to promote the cause of Higher Education, improve academic level, the development of national education, strengthen the construction of teachers’ team, focus on science and technology to strengthen the scientific research ability, precise poverty, characteristics of agriculture and animal husbandry to create agricultural brand, promote national park construction, put forward opinions and suggestions to accelerate the development of tourism, promoting the national cultural influence, creative art film quality etc.. Wang Guosheng listened carefully to speak one by one to respond to the concerns of the committee members, with everyone on the topic of common concern to start a lively discussion. He said that we should seriously study the views and suggestions made by members, widely adopted, and embodied in the specific work. read more

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Elevator door lock manhole free NPC and CPPCC cited concern

Do you eat and drink regularly? Is your door locked safe? How do you take the medicine? Do you have an elevator in your building? The "eat man" manhole in front of you afraid? Do you have access to your life? Dazzling beam also hurt you know…… Even Japan, safety and health problems of citizens who are most concerned about in the province of NPC and CPPCC on Redubujian, the NPC deputies and CPPCC members to the suggestions and proposals for resolving other forms, people worry about troubles, give advice and suggestions.

can lock the door of your home safe

[respondents] so public a answer: anyway, my heart is not always practical. Members of the public said: often locked the door and went back to see, do not worry ah!

[proposal] will unlock the industry into 1 Countermeasures of construction industry management, formulate relevant laws and regulations, the supervision and management of the lock industry. 2 to lock the industry to implement the registration and filing system. 3 to establish the threshold of the professional qualification of unlocking industry personnel. 4 the establishment of the lock industry associations, strengthen business guidance, standardize business practices, to achieve its shift from guerrilla to regular army.Lift the "panic"

[respondents] so public a answer: Okay, but the heart does not always practical. Members of the public B: occasionally sudden outage, suspended in the air and other rescue; sometimes failed to press, really scared to death! Worry about losing control.

[delegates hot] in recent years, elevator wounding, deaths caused by accidents have occurred, has become invisible killer people around them, but there is more narrowly "elevator" incident. Many property companies due to lift the perfect and safe management system is not established, there is no corresponding emergency rescue plan, elevator maintenance is often a mere formality, if there are problems, the property company, maintenance company on mutual responsibility, make the elevator to stop the operation of "bujianfanzeng. Even the real elevator accident after wounding, the responsible departments are buck passing, let the people helpless.

[] suggested to ensure the safe operation of the elevator, the elevator maintenance recommendations to the developers to collect the guarantee fund, to further improve the emergency rescue system; actively promote the elevator business insurance system; combined with the actual area for elevator;
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Luo Huining rate delegation visits Switzerland, Iceland and the United Kingdom

In order to strengthen me with Switzerland, Iceland and the British government party exchanges, promote local exchanges and cooperation, according to the work arrangement of the International Department of CPC Central Committee, approved by the Central CPC Central Committee, Luo Huining, Secretary of the CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee of the CPC delegation recently on a friendly visit to the three countries.  

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13 cultural projects to create the soul of Xining

culture is the soul of a nation, a city without culture is lost in the core of the development, the fair city, 13 cultural industry projects focused on demonstrating the soul of the city of Xining’s future, 3 of which reflect the national culture of local film will show the people of Xining jingqishen.

Xining is the ancient silk road must pass through, what approached, the North South integration, left a rich resources of ethnic and religious culture, Plateau unique scenery and pleasant climate, summer also created the conditions for the rapid development of richly endowed by nature of the cultural industry in Xining. It is understood that, by 2015, as the city of Xining will become more perfect in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau regional cultural center, has the international reputation of the plateau landscape garden tourist city, the province’s 4 cultural industry base in the 2 landing in Xining, to cultivate the 4 annual income of 10 million yuan cultural enterprises, with 3 new declaration the distinctive local characteristics of culture boutique repertoire, the creation of 5 -6 a well-known brand of cultural industries. read more

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