To tell you the secret between the constellation and the Shanghai Dragon

thinking ahead, rational self-respect constellation. The same is not bound by love, like love, but they are still different Sagittarius; they are more focused on the spiritual level, is the very good inspiration to object.



3, Aries (ARIES) March 21st ~ April 19th


4, a good overall situation, to find problems, solve problems, timely adjustment of strategies, both hands and brain.

comment: natural fantasy, strong emotions can not cope with the search engine ranking fluctuations, it is easy to get discouraged because the site was K.

be sensitive, love dream, fantasy constellation. Natural affection, so they often struggle for love, emotional fluctuations with enough; but they are weak, very love dedication, also will not hurt.

comment: a very execution sign, energetic, active thinking, if the character more strong, it is the best choice for Shanghai dragon.

2, the tenacity, to win without pride and to lose with grace, regardless of rank fluctuation, can go ahead, don’t give up. The emphasis on hands-on

Shanghai dragon for a long time, inevitably confused people for mechanical work today, let’s just relax, take sign and character, to analyze what constellation (character) are more suitable for Shanghai dragon):

OK, if you have these conditions, then you definitely have a good Shanghai dragon Er potential, but no one is perfect, we have to talk about below what constellation (character) for Shanghai dragon. Since the date of birth and sign everyone does not always match, so friends can according to their own character and sign:

comment: Aquarius focus more on the spiritual level, but not at work, for the Shanghai dragon Er daily heavy repetitive work, this is a great defect.

2, from February 19th to March 20th Pisces (PISCES)

energetic and energetic constellation. Character and love most "rampage", but innocent personality is not lethal, so do not worry too much.

1, Aquarius (AQUARIUS) January 20th ~ February 18th

is about to become an excellent Shanghai dragon Er, several conditions must have Emmar, summed up the following points:


has a strong executive power, able to put their personal capacity to the extreme, not lazy, emphasis on practical

, Taurus (> 4

1, analysis ability, resource mining ability and ability to find good data, emphasis on the brain;