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said Lei Jun, founder of millet in the choice of that year, never Hardware entrepreneurial experience, so to fix hardware engineers is very difficult, but Lei had approach is to "excel list a long list, one by one to find partners."

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technology news news May 20th, chairman Lei Jun millet in entrepreneur angel investor conference said that the worship of the most entrepreneurial companies are Alibaba, Alibaba and the success of the main three points: there is a huge market, absolutely reliable partner, there is a never spent money, but millet initial start-up partners are on their own with "rogue" approach to dig.

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had to find a hardware engineer, Lei Jun more than 90 calls, and in order to persuade a hardware engineer to join millet, Lei Jun and he talked for 10 hours, "he does not believe that millet can profit, I asked him," do you think your money or my money? ‘he said, of course is your money, I said to him, "then I will make more money than you, as we both division, you will be responsible for the product, I am responsible for making money." And finally he chose to join millet, precisely because I said this sentence."

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"a lot of people say it’s hard to find a partner, but I think it’s easy. You can’t find people, just because you don’t spend enough time."." Lei Jun laughs, "if you think it is difficult to find partners, you can go to Guangzhou Railway Station, there are people, one by one, always find the people you need."."

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Lei Jun said that every successful start-up, the first premise is behind has a huge market, only have a strong market demand, entrepreneurial companies have the opportunity to find the real reliable investors have the opportunity to melt into money.

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talked about why to do millet, Lei Jun said that when the first Android mobile phone appears, you see Android the opportunity to reproduce the PC beat apple machine scene, which is also the founder of millet Lei Jun in the former has never engaged in the hardware industry, but there are still reasons of business confidence.

"if you don’t have so much of my list can chat, you can ask yourself, your partner is which company you want most, and then went to the downstairs Cafe waiting to see people pull in chat, always find the one you want." Lei Jun expresses.

, thank you all for your partner’s support for the league,

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Lei Jun expresses, Ma Yun is he thinks the person that can melt money most, and the reason that Ma Yun can melt money, it is always can let investor believe his company can succeed. Millet financing success is the same reason, millet early each employee almost all the net worth out to millet, this can be >

‘s success is that it has a huge market,

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