How to obtain large quantities of popular long tail keywords ranking

this is the path of the 贵族宝贝tech.sina贵族宝贝.cn/z/NQzuokong/ is so simple, we look at the Qin is a China company listed in the United States, is a short seller muddy water. Then those who search and muddy water netqin of these 2 words is not to see the report! So we have to do is put all;

Hello, I am a piece of driftwood, now for everyone to share a little dry cargo I hope you can help, cut the crap into the theme!!!

in Shanghai

then she solved the problem of time cost, we no longer need to spend a lot of time to do the picture to do video and so on, can make a special out may be one or two weeks, and most of the personnel do not have the ability to make the thematic. We want to how to make hundreds of savings in time in case of this page? Just do it, is a specific page flow ah! Do that? We look at the case of

then we will talk in detail about the operation of the implementation of popular keywords, of course, to achieve this idea: to have the absolute content.

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I’ll tell you a way: that is to do a special list page (also called content aggregation page). It is a special intermediate page and list pages page. To do in this page is: 1, polymerization related content needs; 2, the most relevant content to the user to explain the headlines; see all content aggregation to a page and put the main page on the line to highlight and explain whether all content density or correlation demand to solve are very cow B, more important is that the page operation is very simple and concise, convenient for the user does not need an article content to find

because your website content more abundant, the operation more cattle B, that is to say your content more bad, the more difficult it is to achieve this! Because small and medium enterprises is difficult to do the popular keywords, and popular in the competition of long tail keywords and target keywords cold door keyword competition difficulty between you, not up with a page can do! Is not that we do not understand, for example: for example, we want to make a Shanghai Longfeng forum, so we can do the home page of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon optimization, Shanghai dragon teaching materials, Shanghai dragon training, also not three or four! Then, a home will do so much! Now we have a lot of high flow the long tail keywords we are not caught, such as what is the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon? What is the meaning of this and so on! Some word is a lot of words like this, things can not be in the home to do, but these words in the pages and is difficult to do it (these words of competition is very large), how does that do?


when a few years ago I saw the news now, think of "doing very well, so we search" short bodies muddy netqin fraud allegations "