Love Shanghai recommended upgrades to the personalized recommendation results

Smart: love Shanghai engine based on big data, in order to improve the flow as the goal, the system can automatically adjust the recommended content.

: a priority recommendation related to the current content, suitable for the specific content of the page.

since the opening of a small flow of products last year, already has tens of thousands of media sites began to use love Shanghai recommended products, the cumulative for the site to enhance the flow of more than 140 million, more than 5% increase traffic to the high quality of the site, continue to optimize the flow and access to the site experience; and love Shanghai recommended product itself is in continuous optimization, whether it is the recommended style recommend content management module have been upgraded several times, the launch of the recommended strategy selection function is to promote the recommendation effect significantly enhance the killer function

new hot: priority mail within the site to the latest and most popular content, suitable for home or list page.


always love Shanghai as "the most understand users" Internet Co, continue to provide a high quality service, to meet the majority of Internet users search needs at the same time, the Internet also continues to deepen understanding, love Shanghai is recommended on the basis of the introduction of products, users will love the sea of understanding open to the media the site, each visitor to the site to provide personalized recommendation service

is divided into 4 kinds, including "smart" and "related" and "new" and "personalized" support media site recommended to choose according to the scene, to provide users the best access experience at the same time, also let the traffic growth see

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"love Shanghai recommended" love Shanghai "

love Shanghai website content recommendation tool recommendation is a professional, through mining the love Shanghai mass data, accurately identify visitors interested, for each visitor to recommend they might be interested in the content, improve the flow and access to the site

love Shanghai very easy to use, if you have love in Shanghai account statistics, can directly use the account login to use love Shanghai (tuijian.baidu贵族宝贝), recommended without complex code deployment process, just a key to open, can make the website to obtain love Shanghai strong recommendation technology support

: personalized for different visitors, recommended more personalized content, improve the user experience.

as everyone knows, is essential for the recommended strategy recommended product quality, in order to obtain the optimal effect in recommendation, recommendation strategies, application of different site pages such as home, in order to attract users to click, using the popular recommendation strategy will have the best effect, and the specific content of the page, using the relevant strategies, relevant content this recommendation will achieve better results; recommend this upgrade will support the station completely independent of the site definition of different pages, to achieve truly personalized recommendation results in different sites on the

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four recommended strategy interpretation: