Love from Shanghai outside the chain of tools to see beauty Lele do optimization

The first layer is the Through the love of Shanghai

two, America Lele chain operation ideas

1, keywords layout and traffic sources

webmaster tools, we can see that the chain site in the United States Lele forum, blog, classification of information. The forum is the main method of soft release. The chain operation is so massive, needs a system.

The source of the chain of The key is to search the natural flow of

traffic. Do stand outside the optimization is essential.


second is the product of keywords, such as key words: living room furniture, fabric sofa and other specific products, goods are distributed in each column page.

took advantage of the office furniture industry season did not come to seize the time to put things into it, so he began to study what good rich handsome website is how to operate the chain, to beauty Lele furniture website for example.


just 2 days before settled, 13 years a few things to do, one is to expand the office furniture website traffic channel.

behind the envy of people, believe that many people cannot do without beauty Lele hard work, the number of about nine hundred thousand large chain shows that this is a story of the website.

just to find a beauty Lele in, can see traces of the long tail word optimization.


Based on the

home page and the city station core words, such as furniture, furniture store, buy furniture, regional station keywords.

, a beauty Lele Shanghai Longfeng data

2012 around a year, not what harvest.

2, the chain operation technique

from Shanghai dragon basic information, beauty Lele is furniture business website of big brother, the light from the sea to the flow of love one day there will be nearly one hundred thousand times. As a business website, it is really envy.

third is the long tail keywords, such as: office furniture ten 3D TV brands, which brand is the best, how much money the fireplace, and Home Furnishing related long tail word. The main distribution station three channels of information, forum and decoration. This is part of the long tail keywords beauty Lele website traffic source head. So in about 900000 the chain in the anchor text of the long tail word accounted for a large proportion.

website ranking and beauty Lele observation, I put the beauty Lele traffic sources and keywords layout is divided into three layers.


beauty Lele such keywords layout suitable for large and medium-sized websites, like Marco Polo, Alibaba, 58 fair site is basically the way. For interested in an industry Web site rooted Shanghai dragon Er also has great reference.