Love Shanghai and Google in the end who is more sensitive

in the home keywords and title adjustment, love Shanghai than Google will still show many sensitive, but there is a change in the title, keywords, title, love Shanghai immediately suspend the snapshot snapshot, even back into the edge of the right to be reduced, if not immediately improved, usher will be a flow disaster encountered before, Google would be calm, almost has no effect on ranking traffic.

in the sensitive rankings, love Shanghai more sensitive than Google, Google ranking, as long as the stability is generally not.

, the chain, Google was more sensitive than the love of Shanghai, if there is a large white anchor text anchor to the other site or the emergence of a large number of points to different links in the interior, so the consequences of Google is removed K K station, this station is very difficult to recover, not those things to be cleared solve (experience). Love Shanghai seems to have not paid much attention, but will take these links as point to another station outside the chain, lifting another station of the weight, but I believe that the love of Shanghai is also a degree, but it does not yet have triggered his bottom line.

before writing this article first make a brief self introduction, contact the computer and the Internet for 12 years, as the site for 10 years, to make their own stand their own money for 4 years, the current station annual income of about 30 thousand, my slogan is: the content of fine, never waste a station! Analysis of surface to analyze each influence as one of my station so long to love Shanghai, Google ranking and decision factors:

in the document, the love of Shanghai than Google to the fast, as long as you stand a little weight, published articles will be released within 5 minutes but the snapshot will be adjusted in a certain period of time, from a part of and retain a part, probably one day a small adjustment, there are several large adjustment systems often appear in the 1530 month, mid month at the beginning of the month 7, the special period of time; while Google is slow, I do not know what.

The release of

in the chain, love Shanghai and Google’s performance is the love of Shanghai was too sensitive, greatly increase the chain in this case (for example, in the soft with the link, the text is too hot, the number is too high to be reproduced, one or two days increase of hundreds of the chain) this situation, love Shanghai will make two judgments, according to the situation of the first station, when the station point to this chain in a domain name is a new station, then directly drop right into the observation period, the snapshot suspended included, ranking fell, general will appear in the 25-30 page, in the area of fluctuating. According to my observation, I think this is love Shanghai sandbox, in this area, Shanghai is love must be kept, but if you walk out of the shadow, the ranking will have a qualitative leap, but the premise is to enter the sandbox, you still have a chain into stable and content update; second which is a certain weight of the station, then has no effect on your rank, etc. for a long time may show his advantage.