How to set up the website description based on four points out setting point

although many webmaster are thinking about web site keywords, description has been eliminated by the search engines love Shanghai, but I think that no matter how the love from Shanghai announced that we should start from the fact that, in fact, keyword description of the website still plays an important role in the optimization of website, we imagine if a website is not words, do not describe how to improve the user experience to be able to label? Users before entering the website to see the website, be able to understand how this website? And improve the user experience is contradictory, below I talk about the description of the site should be how to write the label is consistent with the search engines.


second, the website description is not the more the better

A in order to highlight the life in Luzhou, Luzhou real estate and written description of these words is very popular, it can be said that such description is too lack of user appeal, but B is different, the style to serving the people of Luzhou, if you are a user if you want to be able to choose one for their own services. The forum? This is the gap, do not affect the site because of the keyword and description.


do anything we have to pay attention to it, write a description of the website label is the same, not too deliberately changed, many webmaster in write only think of how to describe more keywords are added into the description of the website, and they tend to forget the importance of the description tag, I’m writing a website the description tag first should be, the following two examples:

A. this is a comprehensive forum in Luzhou local life, property, entertainment etc..

description tags do not try

third, the website should be reasonable normalized


has a habit in the folk, people more power, eat better, so a multi word affects a lot of people, and the description words is more better? In fact, a good description of the site content words should not exceed 80 words, we through the webmaster you will find the tools to check the site, there will be a prompt function, the description tag will not be over 80 words, I think the webmaster in writing description tags of the best words in 30 – 40, which can not only express the full meaning of the website, but also can improve the site’s users experience.

B. covers the Luzhou customs and customs, is committed to serving the people of Luzhou local forum.

You can see

love Shanghai search engine included in the process we can find: the text content, the content of the picture included symbol search is difficult, so when we do the description is to remember not to engage in specialization, I suggest that no matter what type of website have adopted formal text writing, for example a descriptive language need only include: text + comma + text +>