How to be true to Links

second, the chain should not be too much, but better, if your site or the same type and high PR site link, of course is the best, if you do this, largely to facilitate collection of search engines. If this is a new web site has just been established, and similar sites to link is a big taboo, such behavior is absolutely essential, imagine, if your site is not better than others do well, then you will be the traffic to grab the past, do better than your website on this is I learned from a friend there, he fought for many years in the Internet, has acquired a set of practical experience, so this is very important, everyone must remember. If you’ve done years website, you must do a link to choose the higher relevance of the site, if you want to achieve a win-win result, so sometimes your competitor’s site is also can do, believe that such cooperation, we are very happy.

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if you just created a new website, it is absolutely necessary to do a careful promotion, do Links is a good method, but for most people, how do Links, really is not a small problem, even many webmaster looking for the chain of time also prone to error. In order to everyone in the future can be a very good exchange Links, I have found some experts published "how to exchange Links" skills and share in the network, we hope to be able to help you.

first, when are you going to do when the link must be well in advance to a web search engine for their very favorable site name. Ordinary people will use this website name directly, do you like the Shanghai dragon, is actually a truth, like tudou贵族宝贝, when people still do not know what is the use of a net, if you use "tudou贵族宝贝 film" or "tudou贵族宝贝 movie" to do Links text, then the effect obviously, it seems to me is really very good.

YAHOO: more important than love > outside Shanghai

Google: add the number of friendship based on the quality of the external connections on the relative to love Shanghai, Google seems to be a little better;

chain link must find out each other before the site has not been included in the search engine, it is also worthy of attention, and don’t be K exchange links, so do the first to suffer or your own web site, so that you will remember. Each search engine of the world is how to treat the friendship connection, whether we are aware of? Below is a list of the world’s three largest search engine, a look at the differences between them:

mentioned below is a very serious mistake, most of the webmaster love with LOGO picture as the link to the site, it will not be completely mistaken, the picture link search engine accepted, but the effect is not very good, but the text links are different, it is easy to be accepted by the search engine.

loves Shanghai: focus on the quality of the external connections;