Entrepreneurship is suicide ten classic case attracted 200 million venture capital wealth to teach y

for many people, "no business is dead, entrepreneurship is". Indeed, many people in the exploration of early start, facing a lot of pressure and challenges, confusion and risk, but some people can not only through the idea for a product or service, is to obtain huge profits, and even get on 100 million yuan of investment. Dark horse brother for you is from business investment network ten wealth case, teach you how to attract venture capital in 200 million.

1, "digital dressing" attracted more than 200 million venture capital read more

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Please note U69 click on the obvious characteristics of the union fraud

5 month low I see from Adsense nets advertising: U69 Alliance: a click of a dime, and to register the Union and began to put on the advertising.

after nearly half a month, found that u69 alliance with fraudulent characteristics, please be careful, and urged to carefully examine graph king in his own website advertising, determine its reputation, for the sake of the vital interests of the majority of the webmaster friends.

The fraud characteristics of the

U69 alliance are as follows:

1, to see the union announcement said 0.1 yuan / click, but I registered after the click of the ads to display the display for $0.05 / click. Later, asked the customer service, customer service said that now in the adjustment, for a while it really became a 0.1/ click (if it is a formal alliance, pricing which has so much arbitrariness, said change to change). And the announcement does not match the actual read more

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Yiqifa Mingtang computer CPS activity was on the line.


Hello everyone!

Mingtang computer CPS Yiqifa grandly landing! Mingtang computer by Mingtang Technology Co produced by the founder and founder, production and service brand of computer products, ensure first-class quality and first-class service, greater emphasis on product personality, fashion, and experience.

activity Commission:

model brand Commission

5V1U-511A are computer 90 yuan /

5V2U-531A are computer 180 yuan /

5V-511A are computer 180 yuan /

945G-p4 are computer 70 yuan / read more

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Advertising alliance is like a fire in the Internet industry in winter

"the winter of the Internet" this is the Internet industry which we are familiar with Mr. Ma Yun’s "winter" theory. Since it’s winter, it must be very cold. Everyone likes to have a room in the heating, are not willing to go outside blowing cold wind. This makes many industries have become depressed. Every day, the news that the number of layoffs and how many companies today, migrant workers began to return home early.

Internet industry is not listed outside. With the coming of the September economic crisis. This makes the operation of many Internet companies have been no small impact. This makes some of the big Internet companies have changed their previous development plan, to take austerity strategy. Slow down the pace of development. Even some of the site’s operations have problems, had to choose to launch the industry. In such a cold winter, we are most popular on the number of advertising alliance, because it is the advertisers to save the cost of advertising companies. Web site owners can bring their own part of the interest, can help you survive the winter". read more

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Discussion on the factors of Google Advertising price

first stated that the Google advertising price algorithm is confidential. You don’t have to ask anyone. No one knows.

Google advertising prices and a variety of factors. For example: the visitor’s geographical location, access time, whether to bring benefits to advertisers, the content of your site, etc..

Google advertising price is several times or even several times the domestic advertising, in the current domestic advertising is not good to do the case, Google advertising is not ideal choice that read more

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Taobao freeze things and do Wangzhuan integrity tracking

Taobao alliance can give a frozen note, where many people look forward to. Look forward to look forward to freeze the reason, the family can boil, looking forward to change the children to buy a gift for his wife to look forward to a restaurant, look forward to the family doctor. Grandma and grandpa… We have a lot of expectations! Every day like a day sitting beside the computer, very hard, very tired. You should know! Backache, sometimes to a busy program until 2 or 3 points, to get up early every morning and go to bed late in the evening every day, we can promote the way is a commodity, not all frozen people are cheating, not all, Ali Mama, you should know. I hope you can give a precise official description. How do you deal with the problem of how to deal with this problem?. As long as you give a definite answer, we won’t be so hung up, really, every Taobao customers are good. Help a lot of sellers to promote the product. Of course there’s cheating. But is it possible that all of us are cheating?. read more

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Blog will become a platform for e-commerce

When the Blog is becoming more and more popular, Blog also has not only their own writing and content publishing tools, but more and more with the personal portal or from the media means, so there have been blog sidebar company began to call your idea, I hope you put them in the widget blog (Chinese on how to translate the word only God?), such as my blog and I fly off voting watercress reading. On the other hand, in order to adapt to the characteristics of the blog, a variety of micro content aggregation services have emerged, such as the aggregation of product reviews, such as the convergence of classified ads. read more

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Share this 2 years is how I earn 600 thousand (with detailed data) (a)

I have a bold decision, just put my years of money after all written down. (including selection of items, packaging products, promotion methods, etc.)

someone will ask, it’s not good for you. I think: if I share, I can recognize a lot of peer friends, we can exchange more money experience, mutual promotion, mutual help. So I decided to open.

10 years I left a website design company, out of business. After screening, I chose the honey industry. Here is my domain name registration time.

  read more

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The nipple pain is how to return a responsibility for three reasons let you calm ‘s healt

breast is an important symbol of female beauty, but sometimes there will be some difficult questions, such as the phenomenon of nipple pain. Some people appear this kind of phenomenon will be very anxious, because they do not know what is the reason, but also embarrassed to go to the hospital to see, so what is the pain in the nipple?

physiological phase cause nipple pain

this is one of the most common reasons, as everyone knows, every month, women are in the menstrual period, menstruation, the female body will appear all sorts of reactions, such as bleeding, abdominal pain. Nipple pain is one of the symptoms. If it is not a special pain, generally do not have to take any special treatment, because after a period, it will disappear on their own. read more

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Comprehensive care of breast health tips health network

is a breast disease step by step threatens the majority of female friends, we only mastering breast care knowledge can really protect the breast, some health tips below is the comprehensive care of breast


tip 1: pay attention to lifestyle


found in clinical experience, the incidence of breast disease and many bad habits. The following factors, more worthy of all women pay close attention to, and try to make their own way of life more healthy.

1, maintain normal weight: obesity is a high risk factor for breast cancer. Should be as high as possible to reduce high-fat, high calorie foods, especially fried food intake; read more

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